Beginning and Advanced Pickleball Class

More residents have discovered the Town’s new pickleball courts and are participating in this active, fast-paced game. Pickleball can be described as playing tennis on a badminton-sized court. It accommodates two to four players at a time.

The Florence Parks and Recreation Department is offering another instructive class to introduce the community to this exciting game. The Beginning/Advanced Pickleball Class is scheduled for four Tuesdays, starting April 5th. Class is held from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. at the pickleball courts, just west of the Library and Community Center at 778 N. Main Street. There is no fee for the class and is open to the first 12 people who register.

Long-time Pickleball instructor, Ferd Sobota will provide instruction and direction on rules, equipment and tips on effective play and strategy. Mr. Sobota will emphasize rules and basic play the first two weeks followed by advanced lessons the last two weeks.

While there is no fee for the class, pre-registration is required. Register at the Florence Library/Community Center at 778 N. Main Street or online at //

For more information, contact John Nixon at (520) 868-7699 or at

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