Citizen Survey Results Reveal Residents Satisfied with Services, Want More Shopping Opportunities

The 2010 Citizen Survey results were released by the Town of Florence this week. The survey asked Florence residents to comment on their perception of the community, Town services, Town policy, and provide info on their demographics. The survey was mailed out to 1,100 Florence households in March and 555 surveys were returned to the Town by the April deadline. The survey results have a margin of error of +/- 4%.

The survey indicated the Florence is a great place to live. More than 69% of those responding to survey identified Florence as an “excellent” or “good” place to live, while 5% stated that Florence is a “poor” or “very poor” place to live. Residents also feel very sale in the community. 80% said that they feel “very safe” or “safe” in their neighborhood and only 2% said they felt “unsafe” or “very unsafe” in their neighborhood.

The characteristics of Florence that citizens like the most include: the “climate” (82%), “historical character” (78%), “quiet” (77%), “friendly people” (75%), and “small town feel” (73%). The top dislike of Florence is the available “shopping opportunities” (78%). Another area that residents would like to see improvement is in the number of “unkempt buildings” in Florence. 65% of Florence residents view unkempt buildings as a problem.

The satisfaction or dissatisfaction of Town services was gauged by the respondents. The Town services that received the highest satisfaction scores were in the fire, senior center and garbage pick-up categories. The lowest score was “water taste”.

Residents were asked to gauge the level of service they received based on the last Town employee they had contact with. 81% of the respondents stated that overall they received “excellent” or “good” service from the last Town employee they interacted with.

Citizens were asked to answer a number of policy-type questions in the survey. Based on the results, Florence residents think the Town should bring a bus service to Florence (68%). 31% said they would use the service. 92% said they want the Town to start a recycling program. When asked if the Town should change the design of the Town Seal, 12% said “change it” and 88% said they want the Town to “leave it alone”.

When asked how the Town should approach annexations, the citizens were split. 46% don’t want the Town to annex any more land, while 44% want the Town to moderately annex additional areas. 10% stated they want the Town to aggressively annex more land.

Other policy-type questions included: should the Town purchase more property in the downtown to spur economic activity, should the Town support the incorporation of San Tan Valley, and how do they feel about the actions of the Town Council in 2009. 63% want the Town to purchase additional property in the downtown; 55% do not want the Town to support the incorporation of San Tan Valley; and 38% of Florence residents described the actions of the Town Council in 2009 as “excellent” or “good”, while 13% described the actions of the Town Council as “poor” or “very poor”.

At the end of the survey, residents were asked to provide some demographic-type info about their education, employment, shopping habits, living arrangements and other info. The results revealed that 23% of Florence residents use Facebook (a social networking website). Additional results show that 19% of the respondents’ shopping dollars are spent in Florence. The majority of shopping dollars are spent in the east valley (24%) and in Coolidge (23%).

35% of the residents live in Florence part time and the average length of stay for the part time residents is 5.6 months. 41% of the respondents live in the Florence Gardens area, 28% live in Anthem, and 24% live in the Town Core.

Residents were given the opportunity to provide general comments at the end of the survey. 45% of the respondents provided comments. These comments are available in the full report.

The full report is available for view at Contact Jess Knudson, Town of Florence Public Information Officer, at 868-7541 or by email with any questions or comments about the survey.

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