Explorer Program

The Explorer Program is for career-oriented young adults aged 14 through 18. Members are referred to as “Explorer” and, while the program is part of the BSA, the Explorer program is distinctively different from scouting. Explorer is a co-educational, young-adult program developed and supervised by local community organizations, businesses and individuals providing an opportunity for young adults to explore a particular career field.

Florence Explorer Post 2961:
Explorer Post 2961 is sponsored by the Florence Police Department as a community-based policing program. This successful program is designed to educate and involve young men and women in police operations and to interest them in law enforcement functions whether they enter the law enforcement field or not.

Provides career training in the law enforcement area: patrol procedures; first aid, laws of arrest; leadership; field rides with patrol officers; annual Explorer academy and local, regional, and national competition.

Provides social activities: out-of-state trips and attending sports events.

Provides community services: direct off-street traffic parking, crowd control at parades, administrative duties at briefing stations, neighborhood clean up and crime fairs.

Provides leadership training: gain a sense of pride in our community and country and teach individual responsibilities.

Provides training for personal fitness: weight lifting, academy obstacle course and running.

Provides outdoor activities: backpacking, hiking adventures and camping.

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