Burn Permits

Please be aware, the Florence Fire Department does not issue burn permits.  Pinal County Air Quality issues all burn permits within fire department boundaries.

If you are in the Florence area, a permit can be obtained at the Pinal County Complex in Florence.

Pinal County Air Quality
31 North Pinal St. Bldg F
Florence, AZ 85132

Open Burning Restrictions

Outdoor cooking fires and small recreational or warming fires are not required to be permitted.

All other burning requires a valid burn permit as issued by the Air Quality Control offices of Pinal County. The fire department encourages all citizens to be mindful of their surroundings when planning or implementing any type of recreational or permitted fire.

People should keep children and animals away from the fire and have the required extinguishing equipment immediately available.

They should remember general household trash and garbage cannot be burned in recreational or permitted fires.

The state of Arizona Area “A” designation requires that open burning be restricted from May 1 through September 30 each year.

The fire department anticipates a wet spring will allow open burning to remain in effect through the end of April. If spring weather is drier than normal, burn restrictions could be put into place sooner. These guidelines and restrictions apply to all Town of Florence and Pinal County areas.

For more information about burn permits, please visit Pinal County Air Quality.