Report a Fire Hazard or Fire Code Violation

The form below will allow you to provide all the information we need to act upon the report. The following information will allow FFD to more quickly and efficiently respond to your concern:

  • Exact address of code violation.
  • A precise description of the code violation including where on the property, and when it happened or happens.
  • If known, the name and mailing address of the property owner or occupant where the hazard is located.

If a violation or hazardous condition is found, a notice will be issued to the responsible party to correct the violation within a reasonable timeframe.

For most non-life threatening violations, this may be up to 2 weeks. For imminent life-safety hazards, FFD will attempt to mitigate the hazard immediately.

A re-inspection will be conducted after the time allotted to the responsible party to correct the condition to assure the hazard has been eliminated. Again, full resolution of most code violations will take from one day to two weeks depending on the nature of the problem.

Finally, it is the intent of the FFD Fire Prevention personnel and firefighters to keep all information secure and anonymous relating to the reporting of hazardous conditions and Fire Code violations. However, as a public entity, all of our information is subject to public scrutiny through the Freedom of Information Act.

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