Home The Town of Florence is a full-service municipality. The Town provides police, fire, library, senior center, parks, water, sewer, sanitation and many other services to the community. Founded in 1866 and is the sixth oldest European settlement in the state of Arizona. Florence is the county seat and is situated in the central portion of Pinal County, Arizona about 45 minutes away from the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. http://www.florenceaz.gov/component/content/frontpage Thu, 24 Apr 2014 13:10:41 +0000 en-gb Watch Now - Public Hearing - Proposed Magic Ranch and Arizona Farms Annexation http://www.florenceaz.gov/component/content/article/1243-watch-now-public-hearing-proposed-magic-ranch-and-arizona-farms-annexation http://www.florenceaz.gov/component/content/article/1243-watch-now-public-hearing-proposed-magic-ranch-and-arizona-farms-annexation Watch Now!  Public Hearing - Proposed Magic Ranch and Arizona Farms Annexation

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