Let’s Clean Up Our Town

Florence has had enough rain and sunny days lately to bring on a large crop of weeds. Now is the time to ensure that weeds are kept under control on our property.

When weeds mature and begin to dry-out they pose an extreme fire danger to you and your neighbors. The overgrowth of weeds also contributes to an unsanitary condition and safety issues concerning rodents, reptiles, and possibly disease. Moreover, poorly maintained properties have a negative affect on property values in the neighborhood.

It is also a violation of our Town Code to allow weeds and grass growth over 6 inches in height on our property. It’s not just this time of year but all-year that all exterior property and premises need to be free from weeds, trash and rubbish. Let’s all pitch in and improve the safety and appearance of Florence.

This is a courtesy message to ask all property owners and occupants to please keep the weeds cut and the rubbish and trash cleaned up. If you have any questions concerning the overgrowth of weeds or the accumulation of litter in your neighborhood, contact Carroll Michael, Senior Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer, at the Town of Florence at 868-7556.

Let’s work together and improve our town’s appearance and environment!

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