Mayor’s Monthly Message

Florence. . . . You are “Awesome”

Open your eyes and look around you at the tiny Town of Florence. A Town with “awesome” citizens who got down to business and saved its historic buildings, who lived up to its roots so it became the second “Most Authentic Western Town in the U.S.A.” Who fought to keep the Rodeo Grounds and live up to its name of “Cowboy Cradle of the Great S.W.” Who is the home of “Country Thunder”.

As your Mayor I was asked to open this event on Thursday and returned on Saturday night and stayed till near midnight as I was awed at the thousands of people from many places having wonderful family time; shedding their cares for few happy hours. No incidents to mar it, great performers who truly seemed to be happy to be here in our “awesome” Town, as happy as the audience.

In the last week Arizona Highways was in Town to tape scenes for future TV showing. We were also at the Windmill on Butte Avenue along with over 200 people on the 14th to open a new season of ARIZONA STORIES. They and their sponsors gave us a refreshing look at our “awesome” Town.

Saturday at our “awesome” museum the U.S. Postal Service unveiled new stamps that featured Tom Mix and Gene Autry, cowboy stars of the era of wonderful Western movies that inspired our children (I was on then far away in England) to become heroes. The good guys always won!!

As America and the world strive to service the horrors that Wall Street brought to our middle class and poor, Florence with acres of “Light Industry East of Hwy 79, and the many jobs the Federal, State, County and the Town provide, has become an oasis. Jobs here bring food to some thousand of employees who go home after work to most of the cities and towns within 50-miles of us. We are their “pantry” and help pay the mortgage, and happy to do it.

Add to our blessings; Anthem, Sun City, the new National Guard complex, two, yes, two hospitals. One at Adamsville close to opening, and hopefully another of our “light, non polluting Industries, yes I do mean prisons (a necessity in our present society). This could amount to 1200 future jobs (covering the spectrum from janitors to managers). Our dozens and dozens of volunteers enhanced by the efforts of the winter visitors (who have the choice of living almost anywhere in the world and chose Florence) make so much possible. With our Senior Center, after school care, child care and the numerous churches and charities and support groups we are proud of the spirit that fuels the work of all of our volunteers.

SOLAR IS THE FUTURE and we are in the sun’s rays 360 days a year. A solar conference sponsored by Salt River Project and our Chamber will be held April 23rd in Sun City, so, our awesome” little town, County Seat of Pinal County, smack in the middle of the Sun Corridor has a bright shining future. And if you think I have over-used the word “awesome” then look at the beautiful surroundings nature and God has given us to enjoy, look at your neighbor and your town and I dare you to find a better word.

Vicki Kilvinger
Mayor of Florence

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