The Town of Florence has partnered with Right Away Disposal to provide sanitation and recycling services to the community.  Right Away Disposal will manage the day-to-day operations of picking up trash and recyclables and the Town of Florence will remain the point of contact to its residents and manage the billing responsibilities.  

Effective the week of July 1st, residents will experience a change in the sanitation services they receive.  Monthly rates will be lowered and residents will now receive a recycling container, in addition to their trash container.  Both containers will be picked up once a week on the same day.  

The current fee for a residential customer is $28.98 per month.  Effective, June 1st, the new fee for a residential customer is $17.00 per month.  Residents will save almost $12 per month or almost $144 per year.   

Trash and Recycling Services 

Presently, the Town picks up trash twice a week for every residential account.  Beginning the week of July 1st, trash and recyclables are picked up once a week on the same day.  For Anthem residents, trash and recycling containers are emptied every Thursday.  For all other Florence residents, trash and recycling containers are emptied every Monday.  

Materials that can be recycled include glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum, metals, and plastics.  Residents can place the recyclables in the recycling container without sorting or organizing the materials.  Residents are asked not to include plastic bags in the recycling container.   

Holiday Schedule 

If your scheduled service occurs on the week of a holiday (4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day), then your trash and recyclables are picked up on the following day.  For example, if a holiday falls on a Monday, then Monday’s route is picked up on Tuesday and Thursday’s route is picked up on Friday. 

The first scheduled pick up for trash and recyclables for the Florence residents in Anthem falls on Thursday, July 4th.   So, trash is picked up on Friday, July 5th for that week. 

Bulk Trash Services 

In addition to the weekly trash and recycling services, residents will continue to have bulk trash services available to them.  Once a month, at no additional charge, residents can put out materials that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the containers provided.  These items may include landscaping materials, appliances, furniture, or other large items that can be safely placed in the landfill.  Materials placed out for bulk trash pick up must be neatly organized and may not exceed 20 cubic yards in total.  Tree trimmings must be cut down to four foot lengths and bundled. 

Bulk trash pick up will occur on the same day every month.  For Anthem residents, bulk trash is picked up on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  For all other Florence residents, bulk trash is picked up on the 1st Wednesday of each month.  Residents must call ahead to schedule the pick up of their bulk trash at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled pick up.  The number to call to schedule pick up of bulk trash is (520) 868-7677.  Residents are asked not to place their materials out for pick up more than 24 hours in advance.  

New Containers 

Right Away Disposal will begin dropping off the new containers the week of June 24th.  Each resident receives one trash container and one recycling container.  The Town of Florence will begin picking up the old containers on that same week.  Residents are asked to continue to use their existing containers through the month of June and to start using the new containers for trash and recyclables that will be picked up in July.  

Transfer Station 

The Town is currently working with a local transfer station to provide additional services to residents at no additional cost to the residents.  Included in the $17 monthly fee paid to the Town, residents can also drop off their unwanted items at a local transfer station. Residents must show proof that they are a Town resident when using this service by providing a driver’s license and sanitation bill.  Residents do not pay any additional fees at the transfer station for this service.  More info about this service will be made available when an agreement is reached with the local transfer station. 

Fees for Additional Services 

In addition to the services that are available to residential customers at the flat monthly rate of $17 per month, residents can request additional services at additional cost.  Residents can request additional trash or recycling containers at a cost of $5 per container per month.  

If residents request a second pick up of bulk trash items (in addition to the once per month pick up that is free), the cost for that service is $82.50.  Residents can also request that the Town drop off a truck at their home for a few days, load it up with trash, and then have the Town dispose of the items at a local landfill.  The cost for this service is $95 per truck load. 

Contact the Town with Questions 

To schedule services or make any changes to your account, please call the Town at (520) 868-7677. 

If you have general questions about these services, please contact Jess Knudson, Town PIO, at (520) 868-7541.