Now that the fall temperatures have cooled, Florence Community Services Parks Maintenance will over-seed certain Town parks to create lush, green grass during the winter months.  Preparations for the over-seeding process, begin weeks before the closures.  The turf is not watered and begins to dry, at which time it is mowed very short.  Once the turf is dry and mowed short, seed is applied.

The Town appreciates observance and compliance of all posted signs by staying off the closed areas. Sprinklers will turn on throughout the day during the over-seeding process.

Central Bark Park – The dog park will be closed to the public from Monday, October 1st to Friday, November 2nd.  However, the Little League Park will be available for dog-owners who are asked to clean-up after their dogs.

Main Street Park – The turf area will be closed from Wednesday, September 26th to Monday, October 28th.  The picnic ramadas and playground are available for drop-in use, but users are asked to stay on the sidewalks.

Dorothy Nolan Senior Center – The turf area south of the facility will be closed from Monday, October 1st to Monday, November 5th.

The Community Services Department thanks the community for its patience and cooperation during this time.

For more information, contact the Community Services Department at (520) 868-7589.