Public Comment Sought for North End Framework Plan

The Town of Florence is asking Florence residents to attend and provide comments on the North End Framework Plan at an upcoming Community Forum on Wednesday, December 15th, from 5pm to 7pm at the Parkside Community Center within the Anthem at Merrill Ranch community in Florence. The Parkside Community Center is located at 3200 North Anthem Way.

Work on the North End Framework Plan, a multi-faceted project that seeks to develop a variety of planning, engineering and economic development enhancement strategies for an area along the Gila River in the core area of Florence, began approximately seven months ago and much has transpired since the project commenced.

This, our 3rd of four planned forums for this comprehensive project, is the most thoroughly illustrated session thus far, revealing the broad range of ideas and plans that have emerged during the past several months.

Plan concepts, which are based on guiding principles for this project, have focused on efficient and environmentally appropriate ways to address impacts of the Gila River floodway in the north end of the downtown while balancing potential mitigation strategies with thoughtful concepts for future development that reinforce Florence’s heritage.

Prior public forums with the Town and the Swaback team of planners and engineers have largely focused on the analytical and research components of this effort. The December 15th session is primary about showcasing the possibilities that have emerged from the progress of a most comprehensive analysis. The Community Forum format encourages the public to comment on new project information and findings and such comments help shape and define the final product and eventually guide how the project is implemented. This is a great opportunity to share your input and help us focus the effort in a more refined manner over the coming months.
The project team looks forward to the public’s attendance and participation at the next North End Framework Plan Community Forum on December 15th. The team also encourages the public to contact the project manager, Mark Eckhoff, Town of Florence Planning Director, at 868-7540 or by email to find out more about this project and to share comments. This project also has a presence on the web at and Facebook at ‘Florence Framework Plan’, with both venues offering additional means for sharing project updates and receiving public comments.

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