The Town of Florence received two lawsuits on Friday, September 26, 2014 challenging the two annexations filed by the Town of Florence.  Because the Town received a challenge to the annexations, the annexations are now automatically delayed until further notice.  It is now up to the courts to determine the next steps.  

Regardless of the validity of the lawsuits, when the Town receives a lawsuit, it automatically triggers a delay in the annexation process.  The annexations that were originally scheduled to become final on October 3, 2014 are now delayed and the courts will make a decision whether or not the annexations are valid and, if valid, when the annexations are effective.  

“We are very confident that we have adhered to the laws and regulations pertaining to annexations and we look forward to a favorable outcome,” says Florence Mayor Tom Rankin. 

The main concern throughout this process is for the residents in the annexation areas and the fire services they receive.  Since the effective date of the annexation is unknown, it is important for the residents in these areas to make certain that they have the fire services they feel are necessary while this legal action unfolds.  

The Town of Florence Fire Department will not be providing fire protection services, or other municipal services, in these areas until the courts decide on the validity of the annexations.  

In the meantime, the Town has contacted all agencies affected by this annexation, including Pinal County, that the annexation process is delayed.  The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide law enforcement services in the area.   People with questions about the November election, should contact the Pinal County Election Department, as they are charged with the responsibility of conducting the election.