Dog owners and their pets enjoyed last Saturday’s 9Th Annual Pooch Party at the “Central Bark” park.  The Florence Parks and Recreation Department partnered with Pinal County Animal Care and Control to offer dog licensing and various vaccinations at discounted rates.  The County also brought its Animal Adoption Trailer for those who wanted to adopt a pet.  Florence Police Department presented a demonstration with its K-9 unit as well. 

One of the most entertaining aspects of the event was the various dog competitions.  The following is a list of winners in each category:


CATEGORY                                                  OWNER                     DOG’S NAME

Best Dressed                                             Marie Friede                         Allie

Most Unusual Coat                                     Nick Woodruff                       Mama Dog

Most Unique Breed                                     Jim Occhino                         Foxy

Best Trick Performed                                  Marie Friede                          Allie

Biggest Pooch                                           Kevin Blomsron                     Miley

Smallest Pooch                                         Rosemary Flores                   The Beast

Longest Tail                                               Kevin Blomsron                     Miley

Shortest Tail                                              Bronc Cordova                       Mario

Best Resemblance (Dog & Owner)              Rebecca Puentes                  Beau

Best Dancing Couple                                 Dana Scully                          Jessica