The Arizona Department of Transportation is collecting comments from the public on the North-South Corridor Study.  The North-South Corridor is a proposed 45-mile transportation corridor that would link US 60 near Apache Junction, south to Interstate 10 near Eloy. 

The public is encouraged to learn more about the study and provide comments. Issues that seem to be the most commented on by Florence residents include the location of the proposed freeway, if it should be constructed as a toll road or paid for by revenues collected by ADOT, and the timing of construction. 

To learn more about the study and to provide comments, please visit 

ADOT drafted an Alternatives Section Report, which evaluated all the potential locations for the proposed highway and narrowed it down to a handful of possible corridors.  After public comment is received and the report is completed, the North-South Corridor Study will identify a preferred alignment for the proposed transportation corridor in Pinal County. 

The Town of Florence has spent the last several years working with residents, land owners, stakeholders, and various other entities through a public process in an effort to help ADOT locate the best alignment for the proposed North-South Freeway Corridor. The Town’s preferences for the corridor have been officially stated via the Town’s General Plan Future Land Use Map, most recently updated in 2014, and per Resolution No. 1490-14. 

The Town has concurrently acted to support the future alignment of the ADOT Passenger Rail Corridor between the State’s two largest metropolitan areas to wisely coincide with the alignment of the ADOT North-South Corridor. The Town’s preferred corridor for the future freeway and rail systems allows these improvements to occur over time in a well-thought out manner that addresses all anticipated impacts of these future transportation enhancements.   

The Town is concerned that certain objectionable routes noted in Resolution No. 1490-14 would have negative impacts to: current and ongoing development north of the Gila River and the Town’s core and central business district by creating a route that is too far west of downtown Florence. 

If the correct alignment is chosen by ADOT, it will allow Florence to continue to grow in a sustainable manner, and prosper and maintain its position as the heart and seat of Pinal County.  Alternatively, the wrong Corridor will result in Florence being a pass-by community that will cause challenges to the Town’s efforts of adding rooftops, commercial businesses, and employment opportunities.  

To view a copy of Resolution No. 1490-14 and the Town’s General Plan Future Land Use Map, please visit the Town’s website.