Long before Europeans came to the southwest, Native American tribes in Arizona had their own techniques for studying the stars and predicting the seasons.  On Friday, April 25, at 5:30 pm, the Friends of the Florence Community Library will sponsor Allen Dart, M.A., who will present his program “Southwestern Rock Calendars and Ancient Time Pieces.” 

Mr. Dart, who carries a Master’s degree in Anthropology, will discuss the ways Native Americans in the Southwest developed sophisticated skills in astronomy.  Dart’s presentation will include several examples of ancient southwestern astronomy from Arizona and the American Southwest.  These include the petroglyphs at Picture Rock near Tucson, the architecture of the “Great House” at the Casa Grande Ruins, and more.

This program was made possible by the Arizona Humanities Council.  To sign up, or for more information, please contact the library at (520) 868-8311.  Seating is limited, so advance sign-up is strongly recommended.