The police substation located in Fire Station #2 on Hunt Highway will be in operation on Monday, June 9th 

Front desk personnel at the substation will assist the public during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.   Officers assigned to the area will utilize the substation to organize and meet with the community members, write reports, and perform follow up investigations on crimes committed in the area.  Supervisors will maintain an office in the substation allowing them more opportunities to build community partnerships with the residents in the area.  

When personnel or officers are not readily available, the public can stop by the substation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and directly contact the Public Safety Communication Center to request police or fire services through a telephone located inside the lobby area of the station.  

The Florence Police Department is in the process of selecting an individual for the position of Community Services and Crime Prevention Programs Officer.  Once selected, that individual will be assigned to the substation.  He or she will be available to conduct free home and business security surveys, assist neighborhoods with block watch programs, and perform other services for the citizens of Florence.