Community Development Department

This department, administered by the Community Development Director, is responsible for current and long-range planning and zoning functions for the Town. Building inspection, plan review, historic preservation, code compliance activities, refuse collection and disposal, cemetery operations are also overseen by this department.


The cemetery is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (or sunset, if that occurs first).


To get to the cemetery, travel south on Highway 79 and turn west onto Salazar Road. Salazar Road is located approximately one mile south of Highway 287 or approximately two miles south of Butte Avenue.


The cemetery has a total of 9,984 spaces. There are approximately 3,035 occupied, 2,501 reserved, and 4,448 spaces available for interment purchases. These numbers change with cemetery usage, purchases, and with file and field research. The surrounding land has been platted for expansion. This expansion will add an additional 14,144 spaces for future use.

Cemetery Map

For additional information please contact 520-868-7675 or 520-868-7665.

The Rent-A-Truck Program is available to Florence residents who have an active sanitation account with the Town of Florence. Residents can rent a brush truck or dump truck for the weekend that they can fill with unwanted materials. The Town then picks up the truck after the weekend ends and disposes of the unwanted materials at a local landfill or transfer station. The fee for this service is $95.00.


The vehicle is delivered on a Friday afternoon and picked up on Monday morning. Holidays may affect this schedule. The truck is NOT moved during the weekend and remains placed where the Town parks the truck until it is picked up on Monday morning.


Reservations are not available. The truck is rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis before 1:00 p.m. on Friday.


The following items CANNOT be disposed of: batteries or tires of any kind; fuel tanks or cans; hazardous- industrial and medical waste; chemical by-products, pressurized containers, appliances with refrigerant, used oil, unused pesticides and herbicides untreated sewage; shock-sensitive wastes; radioactive wastes; liquids of any sort; dirt, rocks and broken concrete; more than 25 pounds of construction or demolition solid waste, and anything that will pose a danger to us or our community.


If any of the above-listed items are disposed of in the Town of Florence truck, the renter agrees to pay for all fines incurred, as well as any manpower hours used to sort and dispose of items that were placed in the truck illegally.


If you elect not to utilize the truck after it is delivered, you forfeit your fees and will have to pay an additional fee to have the truck delivered on a different date.


To set up service, please complete the Rent-A-Truck Program Application and bring it to the Community Development building at 224 W. 20th Street to verify availability. The fee is then paid at Town Hall, located at 775 N. Main Street. For any additional information please contact us at 520-868-7675 or 520-868-7665

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