Construction on Main Street, between Ruggles and 12th Streets, has started.  The project consists of the placement of decorative stamped concrete at each intersection in our historic downtown. 

The improvements include the construction of new crosswalks with a boardwalk pattern, which is bordered by a contrasting color for visibility and distinctiveness of the crosswalk.  In addition, the improvements include improvements to the intersections.  The intersections will have the same pattern and color scheme that the new curb ramps have after the recent construction project a few months ago. 

The construction is scheduled to be completed on January 30, 2014.  Demolition activities are being performed during evening hours and the concrete placement during daylight hours. There are no lane closures and two-way traffic is maintained throughout the construction period.  The increase in parking stalls achieved during the previous construction project will allow businesses to maintain their accessibility. Parking restrictions may be in-place during non-business hours in the immediate area of the construction. 

This downtown construction project will deliver a distinctive architectural feature to enhance the aesthetics of our crosswalks and intersections in our historic downtown that will support our local businesses and provide a desirable destination for residents and visitors.  The project also provides the proper surfacing and reflectivity required to maximize safety for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.