Town to Accept Bids for Cuen Building located at 145 N. Main Street, Florence, AZ


The Town of Florence is auctioning the property located at 145 North Main Street (Assessor Parcel Number 200-49-0730).  Due to the unstable nature of the building, the Town of Florence will not hold an open house.  The building is approximately 1,320 square feet, with approximate dimensions of 31 feet by 42.58 feet. The building is located at the southeast corner of Main Street and 11th Street.


The building is considered an important part of the Florence Historic District.  The successful bidder must work with the Town of Florence, and particularly the Community Development Department and the Historic District Advisory Commission on the stabilization and renovation of the historic building located within the Town of Florence Historic District.


The Town of Florence will issue deed restrictions with conveyance subject to Reverted on the subject parcel as follows (along with additional reversion terms deemed necessary by the Town Council):


Phase 1: The subject building must be stabilized within one year of the successful bidder taking title to the building. A one-time thirty-day extension to complete the stabilization may be granted by the Town. Extensions will be granted upon special circumstances authorized by the Town of Florence.  Stabilization, at a minimum, shall mean that the building is considered structurally safe and sound though not yet ready for occupancy; the building is generally weather-proofed; the pigeon infestation is adequately addressed; windows and doors on the building are exposed; and exterior walls and roof are repaired, surfaced and painted.


Phase 2: The complete renovation/rehabilitation of the subject building must be completed within two years of the successful bidder taking possesion of the building.  A one-time 60-day extension to complete the renovation/rehabilitation may be granted by the Town.  Extensions will be granted upon special circumstances authorized by the Town of Florence.  Renovation/rehabilitation shall mean that the subject structure is brought to a condition where the subject building could be occupied.


If the deed restrictions are not met, the ownership of the building and all improvements to the building will revert to the Town of Florence. The Town Council may require additional deed restrictions it deems necessary in its sole discretion.


The Town is accepting sealed bids from now until May 28, 2019, at 11:00 am.  The minimum acceptable bid price is $5 (USD) due to the savings the Town receives by not demolishing the Cuen Building.  The award of the purchase may go to the highest and most responsible bidder as determined by the Town Council in its sole discretion and may be determined at the June 3, 2019 Florence Town Council meeting.


In the event that two or more bidders submit a high bid with identical dollar amount the Town of Florence shall determine which bidder shall be awarded the property by determination of the Town Council in its sole discretion.  The decision of the Town of Florence on who to award the property to shall be final.


Anyone interested in bidding on the property can view the full bid package on the Town’s website at  For questions about the process, please contact Lisa Garcia, Deputy Town Manager/Town Clerk, at (520) 868-7552.