Many residents are placing bulk trash items too early and residents are complaining about the appearance of their neighborhood and the community.   Bulk trash is picked up the same day every month and residents should only be placing out their items for collection a few days in advance.  

Bulk trash is picked up on the first Wednesday of each month for all areas outside of Anthem.  In Anthem, bulk trash is picked up on the second Wednesday of each month.  If you have items for pick up, please call the Town of Florence at (520) 868-7677 to schedule a pick-up.  You may call several days in advance to schedule the bulk trash pick-up, but be sure to call no later than 24 hours in advance to ensure collection.   

During a temporary warning period, the Town will be posting information at addresses that place out their bulk trash too early to educate them on the proper way to place out bulk trash.  After the warning period is over, the Town will issue tickets to those who violate Town Code.  

Bulk trash service allows homeowners to place out trash that doesn’t fit into the containers provided.  These items often include appliances, furniture, landscape materials or other similar items.  Bulk trash service is available to homeowners who receive curbside trash and recycling services.  Bulk trash service is not available to residents living in an apartment complex, some HOAs, or other housing arrangements where trash is placed in a centralized and shared location.  

Bulk trash should be placed out neatly so that the materials will not blow away on a windy day and so they can be easily picked up.  Tree branches should be cut down to a maximum of 4 foot lengths and must be bundled or bagged.  All loose material must be bagged.  Bulk trash should be placed curbside only and placed out by 6:00am on the collection day of each month to ensure pick up.  Materials placed in alley ways will not be picked up. 

Another similar service available to all Florence residents who receive trash service through the Town is the ability to dispose of their unwanted items at the Central Arizona Solid Waste Transfer Station, located at 5632 E. Hunt Highway.  There is no charge for this service and it is available for all residents, including those that reside in apartment complexes or other housing arrangements where trash is placed in a centralized and shared location.  A driver’s license and a utility billing statement or other similar identification and corresponding utility billing address is needed for these free self-haul services. 

For more information about the trash and recycling services available to Florence residents, call the Town at (520) 868-7677 or visit