The Florence Community Library’s February movie discussion will look at portrayals of the US Space Program on film. Come to the library Saturday, February 2 at 1:00 pm for a brief presentation, followed by a FREE showing of a recent, fact-based drama.


There have been many motion pictures centered on the US space program. During the 1950s, the drive to reach outer space was a frequent theme in science fiction and horror films. Later, serious dramas – many of them fact-based – attempted to realistically portray America’s journey into space – sometimes to great acclaim, and other times without success.


Join us as we look at some significant films that have tackles America’s journey into space, followed by a free showing of an acclaimed recent drama, based on a true story! Popcorn and water will be available free while supplies last. You are welcome to bring snacks and soft drinks to the show.


For title information, or to sign up, please contact the library at (520) 868 – 8311.