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Business Self Inspection

During your inspection, look for all unsafe conditions or potential hazards. As always; you may contact the fire department at 520-868-7609 if you are not comfortable performing your own inspection or if you need assistance from our fire inspectors.

  • If the item inspected/observed is satisfactory, check the OK box.
  • If an item is non-compliant, and you are unable to remedy the problem check the NO box.
  • If the item does not apply, check the N/A box.

Please understand that this self-inspection check list does not include all potential hazards. This report and recommendations are purely advisory and for the purpose of assisting with fire and loss prevention procedures. This report should not be considered a definitive listing of all existing hazards.

Implementation, management and operation of risk control and safety procedures are the responsibility of the owner and/or the organization.

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