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Florence Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Our Vision

The GIS team works with Town departments, residents, and  other agencies to ensure that the value of GIS technology is maximized.  GIS develops valid geographic analysis and research methods to benefit the decision making processes throughout the Town of Florence, which results in the improvement of the health, safety, and quality of life of our citizens.

The Town of Florence Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division is housed in the Community Development Department. The division is comprised of a GIS Coordinator who manages the daily mapping tasks, data maintenance, and addressing assignments for the Town of Florence.

GIS combines layers of information concerning a particular area to give people a better understanding of that area.  Different layers of information can be combined and filtered to provide different perspectives and unique views of information, data and analysis.

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M – F: 8 am to 5 pm

These maps are also available for purchase by submitting a Public Records Request.
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