Learn about the Special Election on March 30

The public is invited to attend a 20 to 30 minute presentation on the upcoming all-mail Town of Florence Special Election on Monday, March 30 at 6:00 p.m.  The presentation is held at Florence Town Hall, located at 775 North Main Street.  Town staff and elected officials will be in attendance to present information about the upcoming all-mail Special Election and answer all questions from the public. 

There is one question on the ballot, which is Proposition 407, asking the Florence voters if the Town of Florence should, or should not, exceed the State-imposed expenditure limitation for one year. 

  • A “YES” vote on Proposition 407 would allow the Town to set its own budget expenditures through the budget adoption process, resulting in the continuation of existing Town services and programs.
  • A “NO” vote on Proposition 407 would limit the Town’s budget to the State-imposed budget limit regardless of the Town’s revenues or community needs, resulting in cuts in existing Town services and programs.

Proposition 407 does not affect the fees and taxes collected by the Town of Florence. It is not a tax increase.  A “YES” vote does not increase taxes and a “NO” vote does not decrease taxes.  

Regardless of the results of the election, taxes, fees, grant dollars and other revenues collected by the Town of Florence from the State of Arizona, federal government, private sector, Florence residents, or any other sources would remain unchanged.  Proposition 407 is asking the voters if the Town of Florence should adopt a local budget using existing funds. 

As a Florence resident, it is important to know how your government is funded and how your tax dollars are spent.  It is also important to know what happens when the State-imposed expenditure limitation prohibits the Town of Florence from spending existing resources on the programs and services that you have come to enjoy and expect.  

The ballots for the Special Election are scheduled to be mailed out on Thursday, April 23.  The last day to turn in your ballot is on Tuesday, May 19.  

If you have any questions about this upcoming presentation or Proposition 407, please contact Lisa Garcia, Deputy Town Manager/Town Clerk, or Mike Farina, Finance Director.  Ms. Garcia can be reached at (520) 868-7552 or lisa.garcia@florenceaz.gov.  Mike Farina can be reached at (520) 868-7505 or mike.farina@florenceaz.gov

A Spanish translation is available at Florence Town Hall. 


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About the Author:

Mr. Knudsen serves as the Assistant Town Manager and Public Information Officer.