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From the Desk of the Mayor There has been much discussion over the last few months on the pros and cons related to the operation of an in-situ copper mine on Hunt Highway. In recent open houses, we have heard from Curis Resources and Protect Our Water, Our Future (POWOF). Each entity has a differing opinion on how Florence would be impacted with the operation of a copper mine at the proposed location. With all the news and information being shared within the community and all the questions directed at the Florence Town Council by residents, I felt it was important for me to speak out on how the Florence Town Council stands on this issue and the timeline for when decisions are made. The Florence Town Council and staff are in the fact finding phase of the process right now. The Town Council has not taken a stance on the proposed copper mine and we will not make a determination, one way or the other, until some time in November, when the applications for a Major General Plan Amendment and Rezoning change are expected to come before the Florence Town Council. Until that time, we are reading, listening, researching and learning more about the project. There are several things that are scheduled to happen prior to the Town Council taking action: • Over the next few months, we will hire an independent hydrogeologist to look at the facts of the project and provide a technical recommendation on the potential hazards, or lack of hazards, in relation to the Town’s water supply. • Curis Resources has submitted applications to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We await the response from these agencies to gain more knowledge of the project and its effects on our community. • The Town of Florence Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to meet in September and October to carefully review the details of the proposed project and then make a recommendation of their findings to the Town Council. • We are always listening to our residents who have an opinion on the project. If you have an opinion on the project, please email us at In the meantime, it is important for all Town Councilmembers and staff to remain open-minded and unbiased. We will not make a determination until we have gathered all the facts and have had the opportunity to review them thoroughly. I encourage our residents to become more informed on this project. There are open houses happening frequently, information shared by email and mail, and websites hosted by both sides. Please take the time to review this information and share your thoughts with us. All the best, Vicki Kilvinger Mayor

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Mr. Knudsen serves as the Assistant Town Manager and Public Information Officer.