Padilla Park History

The earliest map of Florence (1890 Sanborn Map) depicts three buildings on Block 78 and the Florence Hotel on Block 79. Buildings on Block 78 were vacant and dilapidated, suggesting they were built shortly after Florence was founded in 1868.
The Sanborn Map Company is the oldest mapping company in the United States. Founded in 1866, the company created detailed building maps of cities and towns all across the country, primarily for use by insurance companies. these maps have also been used extensively by local government agencies for over a century.


Excavations at Padilla Park found hundreds of upside down glass bottles reused as a path.
Padilla Park Bottles
Archaeologists found the remains of a building built before 1890, west of the Silver King Market Place Plaza.


Archaeologists can date Padilla Park artifacts using labels, maker’s marks, and manufacturing scars. The ceramic plate was manufactured in 1894. The irregular lip added to the glass bottle indicates it was made in the late nineteenth century.