On Tuesday, June 10th at 6:00pm, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Library Advisory Board met at a joint meeting to discuss the construction of municipal facilities, including a library and aquatic center. Both boards unanimously approved the project and recommended the Town Council move forward with the construction of the facilities. 

An update was provided by Bryan Hughes, Parks and Recreation Director, and Rosemary Bebris, Library Director, on the details of the project. 

The Town has selected a design-build team headed by Low Mountain Construction to complete the project.  In the upcoming weeks, if the Town Council approves the project, a contract with Low Mountain Construction will be negotiated and the design process will begin.  Completion of the facilities is scheduled for June, 2015. 

There will be multiple opportunities throughout the process for the public to comment on the project.  An online survey and two open houses are scheduled to gather public input.  Other opportunities will be available too. 

On Wednesday, June 18th at 6:00pm, a work session with the Florence Town Council will take place in the Council Chambers at Town Hall, located at 775 North Main Street.  The public is encouraged to attend and provide input. 

For questions about this project, contact Bryan Hughes, Florence Parks and Recreation Director, at (520) 868-7582.