Residents have been asking questions about the Town’s decision to enter into a contract with Right Away Disposal (RAD) for sanitation and recycling services and what that means to them.  We will try to answer the questions that have been asked by residents here.  If you have additional questions on this issue, please contact the Town and we will try to answer your questions in a follow-up article.  

Question:  Will the Town lose out on money because of this contract? 

All money that was collected for sanitation services was intended to go back into paying for the operations and equipment related to sanitation.  The Town did not use any of the money collected for sanitation services for any other use other than sanitation services.  The Town will not lose out on any money because the money collected was spent on the costs associated with providing the services.  

Question:  What is the Town going to do with the money collected for sanitation services that wasn’t spent? 

One of the intended uses for the approximately $1.2 million fund balance was for capital purchases like trash trucks.  New sanitation trucks are approximately $260,000 to $300,000 and typically last about 7 to ten years.  The town did not purchase, as scheduled, any sanitation trucks this year because council was deliberating on this issue and it didn’t make sense to purchase a sanitation truck if the council elected to pursue a contract with RAD.  The Town’s five existing sanitation trucks range from four to fifteen years old. 

The fund balance will be used to provide services back to the community related to sanitation services related to right-of-way clean-up, beatification, community education and infrastructure improvements. 

Question:  How often would trash be picked up? 

Effective July 1, 2013, your sanitation and recycling containers will be picked up on the same day every week.  

Question: Will I have to pay for bulk trash services? 

Bulk trash service is free to all residents once a month.  There is a charge if a resident wants this service more than once a month.  Landscaping materials can go in trash or bulk trash. 

Question:  Are the new containers smaller? 

No, the existing containers and the new containers are both 96-gallon containers.  The new containers will be a little shorter and a little wider to help accommodate for the stacking of trash bags.  

Question:  Can residents purchase additional containers? 

Yes, residents can purchase additional containers for $5 a month.  This applies to an extra sanitation container or an extra recycling container.  

If you have additional questions, please contact Jess Knudson, Public Information Officer, at (520) 868-7541.