The Town of Florence Parks and Recreation Department is accepting registrations for Spring Intersession. Spring Intersession provides a fun, safe stimulating place for children to enjoy during the day while their parents are at work. 

Spring Intersession runs from March 17th through March 21st, and March 24th through March 28th.  The program starts at 7:30 am and runs to 5:30 pm. 

There are now 2 locations for the Spring Intersession. You can join us at either the Florence K-8 or the Anthem K-8 location.  Activities include sports, games, arts and crafts, cooking, hiking, and so much more. We will also offer field trips for an additional charge.              

Fee based on most recent adjusted gross income:

Adjusted Gross Income                  Resident                               Non Resident

$40,000 or more                               $60                                         $75

$35,000-39,999                                $50                                         $60

$30,000-34,999                                $40                                         $50

$25,000-29,999                                $30                                         $40

$0-24,999                                          $20                                         $25

*Fees are per child per week 

Please visit the Parks and Recreation Department at 133 N. Main Street to register. Fee must be paid prior to attending the program. For more information, contact Ali at (520)868-7589.


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