Need something for your child to do during Fall Break? Sign him or her up for Fall Fun. Your child can participate in various activities from physical activities to art and crafts.  Each day is a new adventure filled with fun and excitement. 

Fall fun is available to kindergarteners through 6th graders, on Mondays through Fridays from 7:30am to 5:30pm during fall break. The registration fee is based on most recent 1040 tax return. 

Adjusted Gross Income                    Resident                                 Non Resident

$40,000 or more                               $60                                         $75

$35,000-39,999                                $50                                         $60

$30,000-34,999                                $40                                         $50

$25,000-29,999                                $30                                         $40

$0-24,999                                        $20                                         $25

*Fees are based on per child per week 

Please visit the Parks and Recreation Department at 133 N. Main Street to register. Fee must be paid prior to attending the Fall Fun program.           

For more information, contact the parks and recreation office at (520)-868-7589.