Special Event Applications

A special event permit is required for anyone wanting to have a special event within the Town of Florence.  The Event Organizer will complete the Special Event Application, along with applicable addendum’s.


Vendors wishing to do business at the event will need to complete the Special Event Vendor Application

Event Organizer

Special Event Vendors

–  Copy of the Employer Identification Number or a W-9 (Required)
–   Copy of the Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Number (TPT) Certificate
–   Vendor Fee of $10.00 or Exemption Application (if you qualify for exemption)

Exemption Status

Certain types of businesses may be exempt from the required $10.00 fee; which include:

–   The practice, transaction or carrying on of any business, game or amusement, calling, profession  or occupation which is solely engaged in delivery;
–   By an agency or department of the United States Government for which the government has failed to make provisions allowing states and municipalities to so tax;
–   Hospitals, whether or not operated for profit;
–   Physicians, surgeons or nurses not engaged in private practice;
–   Rental units of three or less, if in a Noncommercial Zoning District;
–   Sellers of agricultural produce grown within the town by the seller;
–   Religious, charitable or other nonprofit organizations, institutions or associations;
–   Any hobby or crafts sales in which the seller is the creator or a non-paid representative of the creator and for which the gross sales of each hobbyist and craftsperson shall not exceed $3,000 in any 12 month period of time; and
–   Employees of any business, game or amusement, calling, profession or occupation either possessing a business license or exempt from having to possess a business license.
–   Businesses that have an active business license
–   Any For-Profit vendor who is only distributing literature and/or distributing items fee of charge, and who is not vending, may also be exempt from the vendor permit fee.