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Town Departments

Florence has a variety of Departments for helping the Town of Florence’s citizens. Below are the Town Departments and some description of what they provide.


The Administration Department includes the Town Manager’s Office, Town Clerk’s Office, Public Information Office, Economic Development, Information Technology, and Geographical Information Service functions. We are located at Town Hall.

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The mission of the Florence Municipal Court is to serve and contribute to the Community by impartially administering judicial and administrative services that efficiently process all cases brought before the Court within the jurisdiction of the Town of Florence. The Florence Municipal Court is the Judicial Branch of the Town of Florence Government and is also a part of the State of Arizona Judicial System.

Florence Municipal Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all misdemeanor criminal, civil traffic and/or all other violations of the code and other ordinances of the Municipality. If you received a criminal misdemeanor citation or a summons into Court, you must appear in Court on the date and time specified. Sometimes you will receive a form to have your prints and photos taken prior to your Court date. Contact your local Police Department for times they have available for this process.

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Human Resources

Welcome to the Town of Florence Human Resources Department.  Our Mission is to provide leadership in the development and implementation of sound personnel systems and to attract, develop, and retain a diverse, well-qualified and professional workforce that reflects the high standards of the community we serve.

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The Florence Community Library will help all residents:

  • Address the desire for self-directed personal and educational growth
  • Find information about career opportunities and business & economic development
  • Fulfill their appetites for popular, cultural trends and satisfying recreational experiences
  • Locate information on an array of topics, including Florence’s community resources
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Parks and Recreation

The Town of Florence Parks and Recreation department is committed to providing traditional and innovative recreation programs and special events to the community. It is our goal to ensure that all members of the community are afforded the opportunity to take part in these programs. We will work diligently to continue to improve the quality of life for our residents and guests, by utilizing a continued improvement process. All programming is assessed on a regular basis, and we invite you to be a part of that process. If you should have a question or concern, or would just like to make a suggestion, please feel free to contact our office.

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Public Works

The Public Works Department is composed of nine (9) divisions:  Engineering, Facilities Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance, Streets, Cemetery, Sanitation, Water, Florence Wastewater and North Florence Wastewater.

The department’s responsibilities include Public Works engineering, building and custodial maintenance, refuse collection and disposal, street maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance, water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, cemetery operations, transportation, engineering, and development reviews.

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Community Development

This Department, administered by the Community Development Director, is responsible for current and long range planning and zoning functions for the Town. Building inspection, plan review, historic preservation, transportation planning and code compliance activities are also overseen by this department.

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The mission of the Finance Department is to provide accountability and accurate information to the internal and external customers of the Town of Florence and its citizens.

The Finance Department is responsible for the receipting of funds received by the Town, monitoring sales tax, payroll, accounts receivables, accounts payables, grants, accounting, auditing, budget preparation and administration, and special districts.

The Finance Department’s grants division endeavors to provide alternative funding sources through grants searches, grant application, grant awards and grant reporting.  The grants division provides funding for necessary capital and operational needs that the Town may not be able to fund through its normal budgets.

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The purpose of the Florence Fire Department is to protect the lives and property of our citizens by providing the most modern proficient fire and EMS services possible. We dedicate ourselves to this challenge by planning for emergencies before they occur with an aggressive proactive program of Fire and EMS training, Life Safety Inspections and Public Education within the community.

We recognize the public as our customers, and that we exist to provide quality effective emergency services in response to our customer needs. We commit ourselves to the achievement of high customer satisfaction by recognizing and respecting that all persons within our community have the right to the professional emergency services that we provide. We ascribe to the belief that safety for ourselves and for the public is integral to our mission. We will strive to foster a safe work environment and promote safety as a basis in our work ethic. We will work to achieve a participatory leadership style in all departmental functions. We recognize the individual and respect the potential for contributions that their cultural diversity provides.

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The primary function of the police department of the Town of Florence and the reason for its existence is to protect life and property, maintain social order and enforce the laws of the State of Arizona and the Ordinances of the Town of Florence. We will serve and protect all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion with customer service as our approach. We will investigate problems and incidents, seek resolutions and foster a sense of security and safety in our neighborhoods.

We will maintain the public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. We are dedicated to providing a quality work environment and the development of its members through effective training and leadership. We will foster an atmosphere that promotes employee well-being. Working in partnership with the community, we will continually strive to improve and enhance the quality and delivery of our services within our community.

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Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s office is responsible for providing timely, efficient, and accurate citizen, Council and staff support. As well as providing public notices, maintains Town ordinances and resolutions, and administers the Town archives and public records program, including maintenance, revision and distribution of the Town Code

The Town Clerk’s office is also responsible for preparing and keeping minutes of the Town Council and committee meetings, monitoring state campaign finance law compliance and administering municipal elections in accordance with Federal, State and local laws.

The Town Clerk’s office coordinate liquor licenses, special event vendor permit applications, and facilitates citizens complaints.

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