The Town of Florence recently restructured various departments to better respond to the needs and demands of the business community and town residents. The moves will allow for greater communication and more efficient operations, and position Florence for greater success in the future.

As part of these efforts, the Town is making various personnel and organizational adjustments. Due to the heavy demands placed on the Development Services Department, the Department has been split, with the creation of the Public Works Department and the Community Development Department. This split allows for a greater focus on Town infrastructure, while also maintaining the cohesiveness of the “One Stop Shop” that allows for a single destination for developers and those seeking improvements to their properties. Chris Salas, formerly the Director of Development Services, will now serve as the Public Works Director. Larry Harmer, formerly the Planning Manager, will now serve as the Director of Community Development.

The Town is also focusing more on economic development efforts. Key staff has been assigned to dedicate time to business expansion and retention efforts. Jennifer Evans, the Town’s Management Analyst, will work directly with businesses and economic development organizations to provide assistance that can result in the retention and creation of jobs and further investment in the Town of Florence. To create synergy with the “One Stop Shop,” Jennifer will move her office from Town Hall to the Community Development Building.
Finally, within the Finance Department, a vacant Accountant position has been reclassified to a Budget Analyst position, to expand the role and responsibilities of that position and to enhance transparency and support in the development of the Town’s annual budget.

Each of these adjustments speak directly to the five priorities of the Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Town Council in 2017. The organization remains focused on enhancing community vitality, promoting economic prosperity, building up robust transportation options and infrastructure, providing effective leadership and transparent governance, and on developing and nurturing partnerships in the region. By aligning the organization more closely to the Strategic Plan, the Town feels that it can better position itself for future success.