The Town of Florence is auctioning the property located on a corner lot at 145 North Main Street, otherwise known as the Cuen Building.  The building is an important part of the Florence Historic District.  The building is 1,320 square feet.  The dimensions of the building are 31’ x 42.5’. 

The Town is accepting sealed bids from now until January 2, 2015 at 11:00 am local time.  The minimum acceptable bid price is $5,000.  The award of the purchase goes to the highest qualified bidder and is determined at the January 20, 2015 Florence Town Council meeting.  

The successful bidder must work with the Town of Florence Community Development Department and Town of Florence Historic District Advisory Commission on the stabilization and renovation of this historic building.  The successful bidder must stabilize the building by January, 2016 and must receive a Certificate of Occupancy by January, 2017.  Extensions can be granted upon special circumstances authorized by the Town of Florence. 

An open house is not scheduled.   Anyone interested in bidding on the property can view the full bid package at  For questions about the process, please contact Lisa Garcia at (520) 868-7552.