August Library Movie: Saturday, Aug. 12

The Florence Community Library’s August movie and discussion will focus on resistance efforts during World War II. Join us Saturday, August 12 at 1:00 pm, for a short presentation and a showing of a recent major motion picture – all completely free of charge.


During World War II, many European countries were occupied by the Nazis. Resistance movements rose up throughout Europe, and played a significant role in the Allies’ victory.


Numerous films have been made about these efforts, both the organized resistance movements and the many individual acts of defiance by ordinary citizens. These films have run the gamut from personal dramas, to historical epics, to action thrillers. We will discuss some of these different portrayals, and how they have reflected the time periods in which the films were made.


The presentation will be followed by a free showing of a recent, fact-based film set during the Nazi Occupation of Poland, and based on a non-fiction best-seller! Popcorn and water will be available free. Patrons are also welcome to bring snacks and soft drinks to the show.


For title information, or to sign up, please contact the library at (520) 868 – 8311.

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