Bingo at the Senior Center

Bingo at the Florence Senior Center is not the slow, boring game that most men hate and women love anymore. The late Art Heisner became the volunteer caller and changed the game to a fun and challenging experience. Instead of the traditional way of having just one way of “Bingoing” he started the practice of calling several different games at the same time. It forces you to be alert and use your mind to ensure that you don’t miss a Bingo. The rule requiring that the last number called in your bingo still applies.

Now in the tradition of the Heisner family volunteering at the Senior Center, son Steve has taken over running the game. He has added another dimension. Each Thursday morning Steve goes to the produce market and buys a large variety of fruits and vegetables. These then are given as prizes for Bingoing. So, in addition to stimulating our minds he is encouraging us to eat a better diet. Bingo starts promptly at 12:15pm each Thursday, unless some other activity pre-empts it.

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