Citizen Surveys Mailed this Week

Citizen Surveys were mailed this week to random households in Florence. This is the fifth year the surveys have been distributed by the Town of Florence to the citizens of Florence to collect feedback and input on the operations of the Town. Not every household in Florence will receive a survey. Instead, 1,100 surveys are mailed to random households. Check your mail to see if you have an opportunity to participate in this year’s survey.

The individual results of the survey are completely anonymous. Citizens completing the survey can rest assured that it is impossible for anyone to match them up individually with the survey they filled out and returned. The confidentiality allows the citizen to speak freely and voice their thoughts without the possibility of being linked to their individual responses.

The number of anticipated returned surveys is scientifically significant, which gives merit to the survey because the results reflect the views of the entire community. If anyone has any questions about the survey, they can contact Jess Knudson, Public Information Officer, at 868-7541.

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