The Town of Florence Parks and Recreation Department regrets to announce that it is canceling the annual Fishing Derby this year.
Despite being held each spring for several years there were a number of safety concerns raised due to the temporary flooding of the retention area at Heritage Park. In addition to the liability of having temporary open water in an unsupervised setting, there were also fish hooks and other tackle left in the field months after the event, which posed additional dangers. The Town also relocated the irrigation canal that was used to flood the retention area as part of the Library and Recreation Complex Project, which makes it difficult and more costly to get water to that area for the event.
After evaluating the liability and event costs, Town Staff determined that it was best to cancel the event. Staff is looking at other options and alternate locations to potentially hold the event in the future.
The Town would like to remind residents and visitors that there are a number of family friendly events being held throughout the year in conjunction with the Town’s 150th Anniversary. For a complete list of events, visit