Fright Fest Costume Contest Winners

The Florence Parks and Recreation Department’s annual Halloween “Fright Fest” was held last Saturday at Heritage Park. Over 1400 people attended the event and enjoyed game booths, candy, food vendors, inflatables and a pumpkin carving contest.

One of the more popular activities was the Costume Contest. Over 100 people competed in 17 different categories, displaying a wide variety of scary, humorous and creative costumes.

Pinal County Federal Credit Union employees sponsored the Costume Contest and not only judged the contest, but awarded “goody bags” and “movie baskets” to first through third place winners.

Best Unclassified (Under 12 months- Girl)

1)Lily Gutierrez- Witch

2)Alejha Neal- Owl

Best Unclassified (Under 12 months- Boy)

1)Axle Mathieu- Mickey Mouse

2)Easton Hopper- Sully

3)James Boom- Ghost

Best Unclassified (1-3 yrs.- Girl)

1)Ariayana Barber- Snow White

2)Brooklyn Garcia- Elsa

3)Camilla Cooper- Cow

Best Unclassified (1-3 yrs.- Boy)

1)Korbin Shaw- Shoe Shiner

2)Zayden Carter- Scarecrow

3)Santiago Valencia- Oompa Loompa

Best Unclassified (4-6 yrs.- Girl)

1)Peyton Jimenez- Indian Warrior


3) Geonna Cox- Neil- Lady Bug

Best Unclassified (4-6 yrs.- Boy)

1)Louie Ortiz- General Grievous

2)Dominik Montoya- Mario

Best Unclassified (7-9 yrs.- Girl)

1)Madalynn Ashworth- Madalynn Hatter

2)Andrea Fernandez- Skelita Calaveras

3)Shia Lindsey- Goddess

Best Unclassified (7-9 yrs.- Boy)

1)Gian-Luca Buccellato- Hannibal Lecter

2)Torren Turley- Zombie Pirate

3)Nathan Sosa- Freddy Faz Bear

Best Unclassified (10-12 yrs.- Girl)

1)Emily Moz- Scarecrow

2)Laticia Winfield- Pirate

3)Jade Norris- Vampire

Best Unclassified (10-12 yrs.- Boy)

1)Bo Bagwell- Foxy

2)Phynix Mercado- Grim Reaper

3)Noah Boyuer- T-Rex

Best Unclassified (13-17 yrs.- Girl)

Best Unclassified (13-17 yrs.- Boy)

1)Chase Lownsberry- Zombie

2)Quinton Lownsberry- Penguin


1)Rhema Ramser- Penny Wise

2)Nathan Sosa- Freddy Faz Bear

3)Chole Vickers- Zombie Nurse


Best Fairytale & Storybook

1)Emorie Ortiz- Hermione

2)Aubree Delambert- Anna

3)Abbey Holmes- Jasmine

Best Homemade Costume

1)Jovanni Buccellato- Cabbage Patch Kid

2)Julie Evans- Baseball Barbie

3)Wyatt Freeland- President


Best Adult Costume Adult

1)Brooke Harris- Joker

2)Justin Williams- Pirate

3)Tracy Ford- Witch

Best Costumed Family

1)Benedict- Nacho Libre

2)Backes- Hunters

3)Celaya- Star Wars


Best Superhero

1)Barry DeFeo- Starlord

2)Axtyn Segovia- Michelangelo

3)Alejandro Gutierrez- Captain America

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