If you are looking for ways to dispose of your Christmas tree, you have a few options:

  1. If possible, you can cut the tree to fit in your existing trash container.  It will be picked-up as part of your normal weekly trash collection.
  2. You can place the tree out with your bulk trash.  There is no need to cut the tree or do anything to prepare the tree for pick-up.  Simply schedule the bulk trash pick-up with the Town by calling (520) 868-7677 and then set the tree out for collection at the appropriate time.  The next bulk trash pick-up date for the Florence Core and Florence Gardens area is Wednesday, January 4th and in the Anthem area, it is Wednesday, January 11th.
  3. You can bring the tree to one of two drop-off sites.  The sites are Heritage Park, located at 600 North Main Street, and the Anthem Community Park Parking Lot, located across the street from the Parkside Community Center at 3200 N. Anthem Way.  The drop-off sites are available from December 26th to January 5th.

For questions about disposing your Christmas tree or for all issues regarding your trash and recycling services, please call (520) 868-7677.