Moviestar Tom Mix’s 1937 Cord to be in Florence

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Mix Died In This Car in 1940. See It Now Beautifully Restored

Tom Mix, silver screen legend, had friends and family connections to Arizona. He was killed in a one car accident on Hwy 79 while driving from Tucson to Florence. Travelers along the route can see a highway marker near the wash and detour he failed to negotiate. Now you can see the actual car restored to its original custom condition with all of the Mix accessories and cowboy detail.

These include the embossed leather stone guards on the rear fenders, a leather gun holster under the dash for his Smith and Wesson revolver, and an oversized leather gas pedal. Two medallions given to him by the King of Denmark are mounted on the front hood and two Tom Mix Circus banners grace each side of the front bumper.

This 810 Cord Supercharged Phaeton has been carefully and accurately restored by an Arizona car enthusiast and has been winning awards in a number of car shows across the nation. The owner came to do research on Tom Mix at the Pinal County Historical Museum in Florence. Mix’s daughter had married a man from the area and had many ties to Florence, Casa Grande and Tucson. The museum has a number of Tom Mix memorabilia and a large collection of information in the archives.

After a year of negotiating, the museum is pleased to have the original Mix car on display during the one day annual Florence Historic Tour on Feb 9th. The tour gives the visitor a glimpse inside a number of the historic adobes and the recently restored 1891 County Courthouse. Tickets may be purchased through the town Visitors Center located in the historic 1877 First Pinal Courthouse ( McFarland State Park at 520-868-4496) or at the Pinal County Historical Museum by calling 520-868-4382. The Mix car can be seen at the museum without attending the home tour.

The non-profit private Pinal County Historical Museum has been collecting and displaying items from the area’s history since 1958 and is a unique Arizona museum. Here one has an opportunity to discover historic Florence, a town whose history goes back to the 1860’s and boasts wild west excitement, authentic historic buildings on the National Register and a roster of notables including the lady stage coach robber, the shootout between the sheriff and the deputy, Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Ira Hayes, along with the Arizona prison history back to territorial days. Two of the most unusual museum displays are the actual hanging nooses and double gas chamber chair from the prison and two kinds of cactus furniture. The museum is located 715 S. Main St. Florence AZ. Admission by donation.

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