Should Closure of Northbound SR 79B be Permanent?

A short section of northbound SR 79B was closed for two weeks. During this time, motorists traveling northbound on SR 79 into Florence were rerouted to make a left turn at Butte Avenue to access SR 287, Main Street and downtown Florence.

Now that the closure is completed, ADOT is asking Florence residents to fill out a short survey asking for their input. Residents are asked if the closure was convenient, how it affected you, and should ADOT close northbound SR 79B permanently.

We highly encourage the public in and around the Florence area to complete the survey because it will have an affect on ADOT’s decision to improve the intersection, leave the intersection as is, or permanently close northbound SR 79B.

Residents were mailed a survey last week. Additional surveys are available in the lobby at Florence Town Hall. Also, the survey can be taken online at

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