The Florence Fire Department is Inspecting all Hydrants in the Area

The Florence Fire Department is conducting routine fire hydrant inspections now through the end of December.

Inspections are conducted to assure the hydrants we depend upon for suppression activities are operational, provide adequate water flow, and maintain adequate system pressure. The hydrant testing also provides fire personnel with the opportunity to further enhance their firsthand knowledge of where hydrants are located and verify that they are visible from the road.

If hydrants don’t meet the necessary standards, immediate repairs are conducted by the responsible party. The testing protocol followed by the Florence Fire Department personnel is based upon the International Fire Code and standards of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Hydrant testing is a requirement of the Insurance Services Office (ISO).

The inspection procedure includes a flow test to clear out any accumulated sediment, which requires the release of large amounts of water. Should you notice fire personnel checking hydrants in your area, be assured it is not the intention of fire personnel to waste water. The Town of Florence Fire Department is conducting these inspections to ensure your safety.

Should you notice a hydrant in need of repair, please call the Florence Fire Department at (520)868-7609.

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