“The Future on Film” at the Florence Community Library

The Florence Community Library resumes its monthly movie program at 1:00 pm on Saturday, October 17. Join us for a look at “The Future on Film,” followed by a showing of a major recent release – All completely free of charge!

Take a 30-minute trip through time, as we revisit the birth of the modern science fiction genre. We talk about the works of Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, and H. G. Wells. We also look at some examples of world literature dating back thousands of years, which already featured flying machines, alien beings, and interplanetary wars. Finally, we talk about the 1939 World’s Fair, whose central theme was “The World of Tomorrow,” and whose iconic exhibits inform science fiction art, film, and television to this day!

The discussion is followed by a showing of a major science fiction film released earlier this year. Popcorn and water are made freely available to all who attend. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own food or soft drink to the show.

For title information or other questions, or to sign-up to reserve a seat, please contact the library at (520) 868-8311.

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