The Town of Florence sprayed Heritage Park for mosquitoes and plans to spray the park again this week. On September 2nd, the Town sprayed for mosquitoes, which dramatically decreased the amount of mosquitoes in the park. The Town plans to spray again during the early hours on September 16th. Future plans to spray the park are dependent on the weather and the amount of mosquitoes present.

“Prior to spraying on September 2nd, there were a significant amount of mosquitoes in the park. There were enough mosquitoes that it effected the enjoyment of the park and its amenities”, stated Jess Knudson, Town of Florence Public Information Officer. “After the park was sprayed, the amount of mosquitoes dropped significantly. We will continue to monitor the mosquito activity and take the appropriate action necessary to allow our residents to safely enjoy their time spent at Heritage Park.”

The Town sprays for mosquitoes when children are not present in the park and the spray does not pose a safety hazard to people using the park.

Mosquitoes are tied to the spread of the West Nile Virus and people should take the appropriate action to minimize their exposure to mosquitoes. For more information on precautionary measures people can take to limit exposure to the West Nile Virus, please contact the Center for Disease Control at or (800) CDC-INFO.

For more information about the activities and spraying at Heritage Park, please contact the Town of Florence Parks and Recreation Department at 868-7589.