Free event offered as part of the Arizona Archaeology Expo:

Conducted by Gilbert Olgin, Senior Planner with the Town of Florence and Greta Rayle, Architectural Historian with North Wind Resource Consulting, and sponsored by the Florence Preservation Foundation.

When: Saturday, March 5 as part of the Arizona Archeology Expo/Casa Grande Ruins National Monument/Coolidge, AZ
Begin: 10:30 A.M. at McFarland State Historic Park (First Pinal County Courthouse) 24 West Ruggles Street (NW corner of North Main Street and Ruggles Street).

End: Silver King Marketplace, 440 N Main Street (across the street from McFarland)

Duration of Tour: One to one and ½ hours
Transportation from Coolidge: “On your own”

Parking: At McFarland State Historic Park or on the street

Lunch: At Florence Fudge Company located in the Silver King Marketplace “on your own”

Distance to walk: Between 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

Capacity: 25-30 participants. Arrive early!

Founded by Levi Ruggles in 1866, Florence Townsite was laid out in 125 square foot blocks. The Tour of Florence Townsite Historic District showcases many of the original buildings built shortly after the founding of the Town. The Tour begins at McFarland State Historic Park (1878), which was the 1st Pinal County Courthouse and ends at the Silver King Marketplace, originally built in 1895 as the Silver King Hotel.

A total of 10 buildings will be showcased on the tour with comments about several other historic properties along the way. Several of the buildings are said to have spirits/ghosts living in them. The owners of most of the buildings will be present to tell about their building.