When is a Building Permit Required?

Before starting a construction project, please check with the Town of Florence Community Development Department to see if your project complies with local regulations and whether a building permit might be required. If a project requires a building permit, the typical submittal consists of a permit application, detailed construction drawings and any applicable fees. Town staff will review your proposed project for conformance with applicable codes in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of Town residents, property owners and visitors.

Examples of the types of work and projects that will typically require a permit include: new construction, new electrical wiring, most re-roofing, larger accessory buildings, attached awnings, additions to existing construction, new plumbing systems, permanent pools, non-cosmetic remodels and solar projects.

Examples of the types of work and projects that are typically exempt from a building permit include: detached storage sheds or playhouses that do not exceed 120 square feet, most fences less than 6 feet in height, swings, playground equipment, painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and similar finish work.

Building permits are obtained through the Community Development Department located at 600 North Main Street and are the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor to obtain prior to construction. Any construction requiring a permit also requires that a licensed contractor do the work, or alternatively, a homeowner that occupies the property where work will be performed can do the permitted construction work.

Building permit and plan review fees are assessed according to the valuation of your project. The minimum building permit fee is $38.78, based on a valuation of $500.00 or less and will increase with the value of the work. Your fees will include the review of the proposed work and the required inspections. Many permits can be issued over the counter or with a minimal review time.

For more information about building permits, including whether or not a project you are considering requires a permit, please contact the Town of Florence Community Development Department at (520) 868-7573.

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